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About Me

Director. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
I'm an inquisitive and playful filmmaker, passionate about telling stories that emotionally connect, visually appeal, and technically amaze. I work in all formats that allow me to do that - from feature and shorts to commercials and music videos. If I haven't done something before, chances are I am excited to try my hand at it.
Born Turkish and a naturalized American, I now call Hamburg, Germany home.
2011 - Present - directing effect-heavy, high-concept commercials
2018 - 'Brigade', a technically advanced music video that very few seem to be able to wrap their head around
2017 - 'Hadia', returned to the short format combining 2d and stop- motion, working with Syrian refugee kids
2013 - 'Kara', started developing an 'autobiographical fantasy', the beginning of a long road for second stop-motion feature
2010 - 'Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams', directorial debut on stop-motion feature with theatrical release
2007 - 'The Three Robbers', first feature film experience in 2d animation
2005 - 'Bo', graduation film learning 2d animation the hard way
2005 - 'Eva', first film, first short, got bitten by 'stop-motion bug'






short selection

Best Children's Film





Peace Prize

Short Film


Eurimages Award 2018

'Kara', Eurimages Co-Production Development Award

Chicago Intl Children's FF 2017

'Hadia', Liv Ullmann Peace Prize & Best Animated Short Second Place

ADC Animation 2015

'McDonald's - Made of Love', Animation Award


Animation Screenplay Award 2013

'Kara', Special Mention German Animation Screenplay Award

Nueva Mirada Intl Film Festival 2011

'Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams', Best Children's Film 

Cartoon Movie Tributes 2011

'Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams', Nomination: Director of the Year

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